Cherokee Registry

Registration assistance

It can take some people three years after submitting their applications to be approved for their tribal citizenship cards. One reason is because there are so many applications submitted to the tribe that are not supported by the right documentation. 

There is an abundance of free tools and information on our site to aid you in documenting your Cherokee blood, including genealogy research forms and family tree software. 

There is NO COST OR FEE to join any legitimate Native American tribe.



For those who need additional help

We offer unlimited research assistance when you register with us on this site for a one time fee of $35. This helps us cover the cost of maintaining our database and research services. Your login and password also give you access to “members only” areas of our website where you will find news and information about health benefits, education, and employment.

You will receive an email receipt and be redirected to the registration form. We use Paypal. For alternative forms of payment click here.